A Message from Electronic Resources & Libraries to our Online Conference Attendees and Groups

This letter summarizes emailed communications to attendees of our online conference. Emails have been sent to registered attendees as close to registration as possible. Our next mailings will be Friday end of day for existing registered attendees to have this front and center for Monday morning or Sunday depending on registration type to re-state the following information:

Greetings! The 2014 online conference begins on Monday, March 17th. Please ensure you have your login and password ready and your platform tested prior to the conference start time.

Log in and Password information

Please print or save your email communication as it contains the login and password for the online conference. You should log in to the platform to test your credentials. The platform will house a catalog of the sessions and you can familiarize yourself before Monday, March 17.

Each session will open a few minute prior to session start times.

URL: http://www.webcastregister.com/electroniclibrarian/2014


–Online Conference Group Leader logins have been modified to allow up to 5 7 concurrent users.

–Leaders, please confirm all of your participating staff have tested the platform, too!

Test the platform!

The single most important thing you and your staff can do to alleviate any headaches is to make sure you can view the sessions in the platform. If you can open a presentation on this linked 2013 Keynotes page, you are ready for the online conference and you DO NOT NEED TO REVIEW TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS section. You may save this email and wait for Monday morning sessions to begin.

– Test Link – (This links takes you directly to a presentation.) 

Technical Requirements

Did you have trouble opening the 2013 presentations in the “Test the platform section? If so, your browser may require an update before you are ready to go. To view content in the online conference, you may have to download the most recent version of Silverlight. Silverlight Download. If using Internet Explorer your browser will let you know if you need any updates. iOS devices and Google Chrome automatically update. If you are still having trouble, please contact us ateresources.info@gmail.com

Note: Mac OS X Mavericks has a new feature in the latest version of Safari that actually disables the platform plugin.  If you are a viewer using the latest version of Safari on the latest version of OS X, you’ll have to disable this option.  This is under “Preferences -> Advanced” uncheck the box that says “Stop plug-ins to save power.”

Planning your time/ Archived sessions

Visit the conference schedule to identify sessions you would like to attend.

SCHED for ER&L 2014
(This view has been sorted to the 2014 online conference options.) All recorded sessions will be archived immediately. If you don’t/can’t join us on the live stream, you may access the recording at any time over the next year.


–Groups may concurrently view all streaming sessions from varying locations and devices. And sessions have pause and rewind features should your viewing need to be paused or interrupted for any reason.


Download a Group Viewing Poster

Download a Viewing from Home Viewing Poster

Download a Online Conference Badge Poster


Twitter is one way to communicate a questions to the ER&L 2014 presenters real-time. The platform does have a question submission feature. When possible, questions will be read in the room by an AV tech or room monitor.

Technical Support

email: eresources.info [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @ERandL

If an unexpected scheduling change should occur, the conference SCHED will be updated first. Any Online Conference group critical information will be posted on the main Online Conference page and in this post during the conference. Please bookmark this post for reference during the conference.

Bonnie Tijerina
ER&L Conference Coordinator