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--> Only ER&L is focused practical, tactical and strategic work by eresource management and digital services professionals | WHAT WE PROVIDE & WHO WE SERVE
--> Only ER&L was founded and launched by e-resources librarians | WHERE WE ORGINATED
--> Only ER&L ignites leadership in each attendee | WHAT WE ASPIRE TO

ER&L facilitates the communication and collaboration for information professionals around issues related to managing electronic resources in the digital world.


The goal of the ER&L Conference is to bring together information professionals from libraries and related industries to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing online environment. We do this once a year at an in-person conference. In addition, sessions are recorded and made available online in an online conference.

ER&L allows for cross-pollination of ideas across fields of librarianship not often brought together in traditional public services or technical services conferences.

An orientation to ER&L for new visitors is available here. 

Conference Planning Committee Leaders

Conference Coordinator: Bonnie Tijerina, ER&L and Harvard University Library

Local Logistics Coordinator: Ronda Rowe, University of Texas, Austin

Program Planning Chair: Elizabeth Winter, Georgia Tech

Workshop Program: Xan Arch, Reed College

Social Media: Jill Emery, Portland State University

Exhibit: Heather Jeffcoat, Georgia Tech

Scholarship: Angela Riggio, UCLA

Website: Ranti Junus, Michigan State University’

Fun & Games: Jesse T. Koennecke, Cornell

Sponsorship & Communications: Sandy Tijerina, ER&L

Code of Conduct – The ER&L Conference strives to create an inclusive and respectful conference experience, inviting diverse perspectives and opinions. If you feel you have encountered harassment or had a negative conference experience, please contact Bonnie Tijerina [bonnie.tijerina [at] gmail.com], the Conference Coordinator. 


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